• Fotobuch PARADIES: Trilogie

Photobook: PARADISE Trilogy

Ulrich Seidl's PARADISE film trilogy - film stills and set photos
Themes like bodies, corporality, sexuality and desire lie at the center of the work of Austrian film director Ulrich Seidl (born in Vienna in 1952). His PARADISE film trilogy premiered at the world's three most prestigious festivals, Cannes, Venice and Berlin, where they provoked controversy and debate. In three parts - Love, Faith and Hope - and with his breathtaking tableaux, Seidl presents three women from the same family who take separate holidays: as a sex tourist in Kenya, as a Catholic doing missionary work in the outskirts of Vienna, and as a teenager at a diet camp. Three films, three women, three stories of desire. The way in which Seidl directs his gaze on the female protagonists' bodies has been compared to how the painter Lucian Freud viewed his models. Seidl's spare framing, composed and aestheticized down to the last detail, stands in stark contrast to the often disturbing and intimate scenes in the films. The album presents large-format blow-ups of the most striking stills from them.
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