• Jesus, You Know

Jesus, You Know

A film like a confessional. People go to church. People sit alone on a church pew, people pray to Jesus, who is everything to them: father and friend, redeemer and savior, guide and wailing wall - talkative, silent, loving. We meet a student who defies his parents and attends Mass daily, spends all his free time in the parish and simply tells Jesus everything and regrets everything: erotic fantasies as well as heroic dreams. And the retired chemistry teacher whose spouse cheated on her with another woman: In her prayers she dreams of vengeance. But isn't vengeance a sin? In formally rigorous shots Ulrich Seidl presents six fragmentary portraits of believers who ask questions, look for answers and spill their hearts out to Jesus. Each of these stories opens a space, an intimacy, a view of what one might call God. In The Wall Street Journal, John Waters named Jesus, You Know the best foreign film of 2006. He was the only spectator in the theater, he conceded, but Jesus, You Know was nonetheless a "great movie."