Statement Austrian Film Institute

Dear film professionals and filmgoers,


As most of you know, in an article dated September 2, 2022, the German newsweekly Der Spiegel raised serious allegations about Ulrich Seidl, his working methods, and his feature film Sparta. Ulrich Seidl immediately, completely and vehemently denied the accusations.

Now, on the occasion of the upcoming cinema release of Ulrich Seidl’s feature SPARTA we wish to emphasize that, following a comprehensive legal investigation of the production process of SPARTA, the Austrian Film Institute on December 2, 2022, came to the following conclusion:


“After an analysis of all the documents currently available to us, and on the basis on a legal opinion issued by the Funding Procurator’s Office, we have reached the conclusion that, within the terms of the funding agreement, we could find no proof of any contractual dereliction of duty.”


We thank you for your consideration of this information.