• Cry Baby, Cry

Cry Baby, Cry

by Antonin Svoboda


For more than one year, the documentary CRY BABY, CRY (German title NICHT VON SCHLECHTEN ELTERN), accompanied three families and their new born babies.

They are each faced with another challange: Caro and Levi have no sleep-wake cycle, Konrad is a so-called cry-baby and Lotta is quite restless. Having not jet mastered the ability of speeh the babies and toddlers tell about their births and their difficult starts into their lives in their very own ways. The film accompanies the families in private settings, in their struggles with everyday life but also when they face their challanges in therapeutic sessions. Thus over time devolops a mostly nonverbal, but very poignant dialogue between parents, that start to understand their babies modes of expression, and children, that confront their parents with their own distress. Methods such as Thomas Harms' 'Emotional First Aid', the 'Systhematic Listening Therapy' and the 'Neurophysiological Development Promotion' are applied in this film.