A Super-8 silent film, that slowly transforms into a spooky story of a nature idyll going off the tracks and involving the resurrection of "undead" protagonists. A secretary suddenly finds herself confronted with an evil doppelganger and drives her übermother crazy. An embittered woodsman is pursued by his sons, who committed suicide years ago. The widow of an old Nazi film collector organizes in an abandoned factory an underground CINEMA 666, where the past can be mourned without inhibition.


Director, Camera & Screenplay: Kelly Copper & Pavol Liska | based on the same-named roman: Elfriede Jelinek | Editor: Kelly Copper & Michael Palm | Sound: David Almeida-Ribeiro | Production manager: Teresa-Saija Wieser | Assistant production mangaer: Maria Macic, Johannes Bültermann I Line producer: Georg Aschauer, Daniela Trauner I Production secretary USF: Melanie Friedl I Producer: Claus Philipp, Georg Aschauer | Producer: Ulrich Seidl | in cooperation with Steirischen Herbst.

Cast: Andrea Maier, Greta Kostka, Klaus Unterrieder, Tamara Pregernigg, Lukas Eigl, Julia Zangger, Georg Beyer, Jasmin Karami, Ditz Fejer, Hans Windhaber, Eugen Gross, Heidi Gaidoschik u.v.a.