• Vater Unser – (C) Thomas Aurin
Bühnenbild: Bert Neumann

Our Father


On earth as it is in heaven.
A play by Ulrich Seidl at the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, 2004.
A prayer room like one you might see in an airport. A small chapel at the site of secular ascension, the center of global mobility. In it are six believers and a priest, praying to God, professing their faith, confessing, asking questions, whispering, shouting, cursing and struggling. Our Father is Ulrich Seidl's first stage play. Based on his prize-winning film Jesus, You Know, it addresses the question of how faith works. Seidl does not want to be a critic of ideology; he avoids dealing with the rigidity of the Church, with its bigotry or "kitsch" or authoritarian structures. Seidl is concerned with the question, "How do people manage to establish a personal relationshiop to a "Father, who art in heaven", whom they've never seen? How does one communicate with God?"