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Ulrich Seidl: All Films 1980-2017 (Complete Works)

"No one is safe from Ulrich Seidl", John Waters once said, with fitting ambiguity. No one. Not we, the audience, watching. Not we, the audience, who see ourselves in the protagonists, scenes and realities. "I don't make the world shocking and unbearable. I only try to depict it realistically," Seidl says of his work. With his signature mix of fiction and documentary, professional and lay actors, and an eye always to "authenticity", Seidl established himself through works such as "Good News" (1990), "Animal Love" (1995) and "Models" (1998). His fiction feature film debut "Dog Days" (2001), won the Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2001. "Import Export" (2007), the first film that Seidl made with his own production company, was followed by his successful, prize-winning "PARADISE Trilogy" (2012), whose parts premiered consecutively in competition at Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Next came "In the Basement" (2014), which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, as did "Safari" (2016) last fall.
Now, for the first time, all of Ulrich Seidl's works - from his earliest shorts to his award-winning documentary and fiction features - are collected in a single DVD edition. All his works for television are also included, such as "The Last Men", "Fun without Limits", "The Bosom Friend", "Pictures at an Exhibition", as well as his latest theatrical feature "Safari". Of particular rarity is "War in Vienna", a film that Seidl directed in 1989 together with Michael Glawogger, now available on DVD for the first time.
Supplementing the voluminous filmography are two full bonus DVDs with new interviews and numerous deleted scenes from various films (which required extensive preparation) as well as a 240-page book about Seidl's work, "Challenge. The films of Ulrich Seidl", written by noted Profil journalist Stefan Grissemann. It also includes a long interview with Seidl fan John Waters.

BO Challenge. The films of Ulrich Seidl
B1 BONUS: Interviews
B2 BONUS: Unknown Seidl
01 One Forty / The Prom / Brothers, Let Us Be Merry
02 The Last Men / Fun without Limits 
03 Pictures at an Exhibition / The Bosom Friend 
04 Good News
05 Losses to Be Expected 
06 Animal Love 
07 Models
08 Dog Days 
09 State of the Nation / War in Vienna 
10 Jesus, You Know
11 Import Export
13 PARADISE: Faith 
14 PARADISE: Hope 
15 In the Basement 
16 Safari

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